Benefits of Sustainable Project Finance

Summary of Top Benefits

Top Benefits of SPF for Project Sponsor

  • Protecting Other Assets: The project is set through a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) shielding other assets owned by the project sponsor from the detrimental effects of a project failure.
  • Protects Project’s Cash Flows: By avoiding unmanaged risks or impacts.
  • Facilitates Lenders’s Approval: The process assures Lenders that all the risks are managed so the loan can be repaid in an easier way.
  • Social License Assurance: The stakeholder engagement required for the Project Finance or its recommendations renders more positive relationship that not only reduces social risks but that unlock social opportunities.

Top Benefits of SPF for Lenders

  • Covers all the Environmental and Social Issues. The thoroughness of the process ensures that there are no loose ends in those areas.
  • Risks are Shared and more Manageable: Sharing the risks among several lenders and setting the boundaries for risks associated with a single project.
  • Loan Payback: The process also ensures additional optimizations that enhance operational performance leading to more comfortable loan payback.
  • Increased Ability to Lend: As the SPV risks are lowered, there is an increased capacity for expanding lenders’ portfolios and profits

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